EMILY CRABTREE--Emily is the first lab that we ever had.  She is the queen of the place.  She is now 9 years old and she gets many compliments for the way that she looks and acts.  Most people think that she is 3 or 4.  As far as we are concerned she is one of the best labs there are.  Everyone wants her pups. She is a silver-factored chocolate.
BC MISS SNICKER-- Snickers is a year and a half old.  Her mother is yellow and her father is silver.  Snickers is a very very laid-back female.  We are very excited to see what her puppies look like in the near future.
BC MISS BABE RUTH - Babe Ruth is a great looking chocolate female.  She has a very nice build and good bloodline.  She has great looking puppies.
BC Tootsie